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Yellowpipe Toolbar
Enjoy the Full Power of the Web!

Amazing toolbar features to enhance your browsing experience:
The Yellowpipe Toolbar is free, customizable and gives you a complete set of powerful tools to make your browsing faster, easier and more fun!
Powerful Search Tool
Search the Web, People, Images, Music and much more from anywhere online.
Breaking News Headlines
Read the latest news on the toolbar with our RSS Reader that automatically grabs the feeds you choose.
Free Spyware Scan
80% of all computers are infected with Spyware*. Find out if yours is too! Get a free spyware scan...
Popup Blocker
Monitors your system while you surf the Web and destroys pop-ups before they open.
Zoom Page In/Out
Increase/decrease up to 4 times smaller or larger the size of a Web page.
Highlight the word one searches in the resultant HTML page.
Auto Site Log-in
Get one-click access to your online account like Yahoo! Mail, eBay,, etc..
Automatically fill out web forms with a single click.
Translate online text from English and other languages to French, Spanish, German, Greek, Chinese, etc...
Hide Remove Toolbars
A dialog box offers the ability to hide or remove the toolbars installed on the system.
URL Error Redirection Service
Redirect to an user-friendly page with suggestions when you type a wrong URL (DNS & 404 errors).
Alexa Site Ranking
Generate traffic report of the current Web site.
Free Ranking Report
Generate free instant online reports of website rankings in the top search engines.



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for webmasters and web site owners.

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